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Time Tracking

  • - Monthly calendar view for quick overview
  • - Save frequent entries for easy form population
  • - Choose if time is billable to non-billable with one click


  • - Set custom billing rates for every client (or not)
  • - Set employees' hourly rates
  • - Add discounts, late fees, and hard costs

Client Data Portal

  • - View monthly hours and long-term averages
  • - Store login and user information
  • - Manage to-do lists

Custom User Groups

  • - Designate employees at four permission levels
  • - Create unlimited security groups
  • - Project-only access for consultants


  • - Charts sorted by project or client
  • - Employee reports make HR and payroll easy
  • - Export all of your data (Excel, CSV)



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“We’ve used Jodia for several years to track time on projects. It’s easy to use and battle-tested. We love it.”

“It’s easy to use and battle-tested.”

Brian Jones
Mirliton Media

“We saw a 15% increase in billings right off the bat when we started tracking employee time using Jodia. It led to more billable hours in each invoice. Now I don’t know how we lived without it.”

“We saw a 15% increase in billings right off the bat”

Charles Suhren
Carrollton Technology Partners

“Jodia takes all the guesswork out of time tracking. It simplifies it, and makes valuable reports that we access every day.”

“Jodia takes all the guesswork out of time tracking.”

Orterio Villa
Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center

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